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Until recent decades, mercenaries have often been the lowest-paid combatants in any conflict. Also, their effectiveness in combat was usually negligible, with some notable exceptions. But when your country can't or won't do what is neccesary on foreign shores, rest assured some writer or film maker will invent some golden-hearted soldiers of fortune to get the job done. Not that mercenaries are the only paramilitary players out there--governments have secret soldiers on the payroll who you'll never run into in the barracks or mess hall.



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Deckard is a freelance assassin hired to train and lead a battalion of mercs. But his employer's real agenda is a doomsday plot decades in the making. While the IDF General Staff ready the dogs of war, a handful of American SpecOps veterans undertake a suicide raid to preempt an act of atomic terror. A crack team of mercenaries has an attack of conscience and liberates a banana dictatorship pro-bono (with an all-action flick cast). Bolan's hunt leads him deep into Moscow, where trained killers backed by money and power plan an explosive death knell to Russian freedom...and millions of innocents.

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