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Aussie film maker George Miller must have been out of his mind. A post-SHTF flick with bronze (cops) and gang-bangers warring on the roads with street machines and crotch rockets?

Sure, why not. Mad Max became a cult fave, leading to the higher-budget, far more violent (and bleak) sequel, The Road Warrior. Both starred a young American-born actor named Mel Gibson, and a black-on-black Australian Ford Falcon. (Last of the V-8s, "On nitro, with Phase IV heads...").

I classified both of these as "post-apocalyptic westerns." The first was similar to El Dorado and the second resembled many a western tale...Shane and High Plains Drifter come to mind. But the gear-banging, tire melting action was more gratifying than any horse chase. Here is a sampling of the high-octane mayhem.


Miller was a genius for making these two flicks. But apparently he fell out of love with Mad Max, because Beyond Thunderdome was a waste of celluloid that doesn't deserve to be counted with the others. Ah well, at least the good ones are preserved on film and disc (and Mad Max with the original Australian dialog is FAR less cheesy/campy than the Yankee-accented overdub version).


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Nook Books are coming to Virtual Pulp Press!

As difficult as it is for Kindle owners/Amazon shoppers to wade through all the romances, chick-lit and other stuff to find the sort of books collected here at Virtual Pulp Press, for Nook owners it's even more difficult. B&N's search engine seems to have improved a bit over the last couple years (you don't have to type in the very last letter of the title or author's name to get a suggestion anymore, for instance). But you want to browse by genre on Barnes&Noble.com? Forget it.

Well, VPP is coming to your rescue, Nook owners. Starting with paramilitary fiction, we are building pages for you. It may take some time to get all of them up because the process is a bit more involved than with the Kindle titles, but your day is coming.

For those who like audiobooks, we will be amping up on those as well. VPP is getting better every day.

While on a romantic spring break in Paris, 21-year old William Lynch learns that his family has been murdered and his home burned to the ground, the brutal acts of a Boston crime syndicate.

Vietnam veteran uncle Jamie introduces William to a grizzled, mysterious ex-mercenary. For a hundred thousand dollars, the merc will train William in the ways of the killer-for-hire, giving him the skills he needs to seek vengeance on his own terms. But William isn't prepared for what happens when the killer within him awakens...
Felix is an Earth soldier, encased in special body armor designed to withstand Earth's most implacable enemy-a bioengineered, insectoid alien horde. But Felix is also equipped with internal mechanisms that enable him, and his fellow soldiers, to survive battle situations that would destroy a man's mind.
This is a remarkable novel of the horror, the courage, and the aftermath of combat-and how the strength of the human spirit can be the greatest armor of all.
Men who put their lives on the line in an unpopular war, where death is more likely than not, have complicated motivations. They are not easy to control, and are impossible to stop. Neil Thompson, a third-generation West Pointer whose father and grandfather were killed in the two world wars, seeks to reunite with his dad by immersing himself in combat. It is also the story of the Special Forces Reconnaissance units in Vietnam, units with annual casualty rates that sometimes exceeded 100 percent.
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