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The writers and film makers producing in this genre have taken a page from the mainstream media's handbook: Dont let pesky little details like truth and historic facts get in the way of selling the message! If there's no other way to make your story work, just re-write history.

History is full of close calls and what-ifs that are just too tantalizing not to play with.



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Under secret orders from the President, U.S. Army Major Zeus Murphy sabotages a Chinese invasion fleet on the eve of its assault against Vietnam. But after Murphy and fellow officer Win Christian are trapped behind enemy lines, Christian’s erratic behavior gives them away. The pair shoot their way out of a Chinese airport terminal, hijack a bus, then barely escape two truckloads of soldiers before disappearing into the night. Thus starts Zeus Murphy’s personal odyssey in the latest installment of the Red Dragon Rising series. Back in America, President Chester Greene fails to convince Congress and the Pentagon that the Chinese invasion of Vietnam is the first step in a plan to rule Asia—and eventually go to war with the U.S. After dodging a Chinese armored division and returning to Vietnam, Zeus disobeys orders to stand down in an effort to help the Vietnamese woman he’s fallen in love with. Within hours, Zeus and Christian are staring down the barrels of Chinese main battle tanks as they drive on Haiphong, starting a countdown to all-out war with the West.  Communist China, Japan, Nazi Germany, the United States: they began World War II as mortal enemies. But suddenly their only hope for survival--never mind victory--was to unite to stop a mighty foe--one whose frightening technology appeared invincible. Far worse beings than the Nazis were loose. From Warsaw to Moscow to China's enemy-occupied Forbidden City, the nations of the world had been forced into an uneasy alliance since humanity began its struggle against overwhelming odds. In Britain and Germany, where the banshee wail of hostile jets screamed across the land, caches of once-forbidden weapons were unearthed, and unthinkable tactics were employed. Brilliantly innovative military strategists confronted challenges unprecedented in the history of warfare. The tactics of daredevil guerrillas everywhere became increasingly ingenious against a superior foe whose desperate retaliation would grow ever more fearsome. No one had ever put the United States, or the world, in such deadly danger. But if the carnage and annihilation ever stopped, would there be any pieces to pick up?   The story of Hitler's England. In Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo's brilliant and chilling re-write of history, Germany has won World War II and Nazi troops occupy England. Pauline, an apolitical nurse, hopes only that normal life will return to England. It is only after she accepts a nursing job with the Nazis that she slowly begins to realize the horrifying reality behind the occupation. "It Happened Here" is a masterful, terrifying vision of what might have happened if the Allied effort had failed. When first shown in 1964, seven minutes of controversial material was cut by the original distributor. This is the first presentation of the complete version, digitally remastered from the original 35mm materials.  

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